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We operate with the environment as a key consideration, from sourcing raw materials to the eventual end-of-life and disposal.
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Our commitments and principles are

  • Reduce CO2 emissions - We aim to reduce CO2 emissions from our operations by 10% between 2012 and 2020. 
  • Reduce waste and recycle - We will reduce our waste to landfill and ensure products can be reused or recycled at end-of-life.     
  • Sustainable extraction of resources - We will ensure all products use raw materials from verified resources where these are available.    
  • Reduce energy use - We will reduce the energy required to produce and supply FB products.  Maximise fuel-switching and pursue innovative alternative fuels and technologies.   
  • Water Stewardship - We will actively manage waste to use less fresh water and to maximise recycling. Improve water efficiency and minimise water impacts in land management and operations.     
  • Develop sustainable Solutions - We will provide innovative, practical, system solutions to enable buildings and infrastructure to be sustainable. Influence and support industry education on sustainable construction practices, design principles and measures.

Our businesses are each required to develop and implement an annual sustainability plan. This plan must include a detailed overview of their recent environmental progress, outline initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions, and also document waste reduction plans which take into account minimising resource use.